Company  "Vatfarm"  propose:
Our partners

 Our pride – the quality and experience!

The company «Vatfarm» products will take its rightful place in your portfolio. With impeccable quality and years of experience, our trademark «Malva» is a success in the pharmaceutical market.
Today «Vatfarm» is:
• 50 years of excellent reputation in the market of cotton-gauze products.
• Reliable partner.
• International standards of quality.
• Modern equipment from the best manufacturers.
• Production of a full cycle.
• Own Brand «Malva».
 Ltd. «Vatfarm» is looking for the partnership on favorable terms:
• Pharmaceutical companies;
• Medical Environments;
• Pharmacy;
• Stores;
• Food stores;
• Regional distributors.
For distributors who have 100 % coverage of the region / area, possibly of an exclusive contract.
Ltd. «Vatfarm» – a national manufacturer with proven experience in the field of health products (products made of cotton and gauze), and personal care products.
Our products are distinguished by the absolute quality and high consumer properties. Confirms the high level of ISO 13485:2005 certificate and trust of customers. Our range has the sanitary - hygienic conclusion of Ministry of Health of Ukraine and is subject to constant control of own certified laboratory. 
Manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern facilities. 
Today, our company offers on mutually beneficial conditions to produce these products under your own brand:
– wool clip;
– wool zig-zig;
– gauze bandages;
 –gauze cuts;
– cotton balls.
The products can be made in any configuration as agreed.
With a powerful industrial complex, and highly qualified staff, the company «Vatfarm» will help you to develop a great demand in the market of high-quality products.
More information about the partnership you can call:
Tel.: +38 (0472) 64-00-77
+38 (0472) 64-10-77
Information for suppliers
The company OOO «Vatfarm» purchases the following products:
1. Cotton V grade.
2. I sort of lint.
3. Cotton textile waste (according to specifications).
4. Medical gauze rolls
5. Packaging materials:
– The label on the plastic film
– Labels on laminated paper
– Plastic bags
– Polythene bags
– Cardboard boxes
1. Hard and down Scutched 3 standard.
2. Hard and down carding 7 standard.
3. Tow propeller 10, 11, 12 standard.
4. Dud rovings 17, 18, 19, 20 standard.
5. Rings 21, 22, 23 standard.
6. Sliver of the cameras pneumospinning machines 25, 26, 27 standard.
7. Sliver of ring spinning machines 28, 29, 30 standard.
8. Sweep 33, 34 standard.
9. Yarn ends 39, 41, 43 standard.
We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation and look forward to your suggestions on the phone:
+38 (0472) 64-10-77
"Vatfarm LLC" is looking for partners abroad. For more detailed information please contact